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Resources For All - Online Procurement

At The Global Procurement and Purchasing Power Center, we are dedicated to fulfilling our mission of empowering others economically and alleviating poverty. Kindly check out the links of several of our initial procurement partner sites as they are

listed below. We will add these web sites on a real-time basis.  

1. Legalshield:

2. Travel:

3.  Empower Us All:

4.  Refer Us All:

5. Webtalk Profile Link:

6.  Webtalk Landing Page Link:

7.  100 Millionaires LLC:

7.  A.E.W.: 





As we expand our rapidly growing procurement partner base, we will add their web sites to this page.

Also, in the interim, please see us for ALL of your business financing and funding needs; merchant credit

card processing; procurement; ecommerce web sites; app creation and hosting; or any other need.

If we cannot save you money, make you money, or offer a better deal, we will let you know, UP FRONT!

Please check back, daily.

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