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To Read The Master's Plan Here- Mission 8:18 - Mississippi

Committed to Empowering Families and Communities, Globally !



                                                                          Our Supplemental website has launched!

                                                                         GO VISIT: 

The power and presence of God is evident in the viral disease that is affecting the world.

Today, we have been blessed with a plan, the "Master's Plan" for high-speed global economic

and entrepreneurial empowerment. This plan is NOT "fake news." This is a unique plan to redistribute wealth and provide resources for all. Our plan has the potential, through

the power of the Holy Spirit, to be infinitely more potent to serve as an antidote and injection to heal the children of God from the virus of

abhorrent historical ills and disparity within society. 

A Personal Note From Brother Ben

An extended amount of reading and reflection time is required.

There has never been a Plan (the "Master's Plan") such as this one!

Please open, click-through, and read EVERY link within this website.

If necessary, open and read - multiple times!

It is essential that you open, study, and mentally absorb the information enclosed

within these links. This information from our Plan represents basic, viable, sustainable, and potent solutions to the financial

issues, which affect us all. These solutions will encourage us to bond and work together to

leverage our buying and spending power in order to provide Resources  For All.

I will, by the grace of God, make myself available to answer

ALL queries via email or text messaging. 


Because of the current global economic malaise  that we are ALL facing, I announce that

we will work with ALL of our Member Partners to design a customized and personalized

plan to specifically finance any costs to ensure that EVERYBODY is empowered and enabled
to become whole
; regardless of financial ability. We will not leave any compliant Member Partner 

behind. The Kingdom Procurement and Purchasing Power Center provides high-speed economic 

empowerment to consumers, small businesses, churches, and nonprofit organization Member Partners 

of the faith-based community. Our management team has more than 50 years of collective experience in 

serving others.  To immediately leverage our buying and spending power and fulfill our organization’s objectives, 

we launch this primary website (our associated e-commerce page will be launched soon. Initially, we focus 

on several basic target categories, but we approach and compete in any viable realm of commerce.  Special

emphasis is given to all-things-insurance and health care plans.


                                 The I-Am-Chise
                    (Better Than A Franchise)

Bundle of Business Opportunities In -Your-Inbox

(See our Logo for this product on the right side of this page).

Entrepreneur Member Partner Version
               A Kit With No Missing Parts

          Click on the link below to preview:



                                       The I-Am-Chise
                        (Better Than A Franchise)

  Bundle of Business Opportunities In -Your-Inbox

(See the  Logo for this 
product on the right side of this page).

(A  Kit With No Missing Parts) -
     Click on the Link below.

Other products include but are not limited to:

  • Project and Commercial Funding.
  • High Technology-Equipment and Software.
  • Health Insurance Plans
  • Church Design, Construction, and Financing

  • Family and Business Legal Insurance; Identity Theft Protection; Life, Health, Disability, and Accident Insurance; Dental and Travel Insurance, Property and Casualty , and more.
  • Real Estate and Housing.

  • Travel
  •  Millions of other products and
    services  for the business or home.

A Message From Brother Ben

I am thankful for the opportunity to connect with you and consider it a blessing to i
nvite you to become one of our compliant  Member Partners. Below is a  sample
 of one of our basic compensation models for our Entrepreneur Member Partners. 
We will aquaint you of our other compensation models on a need-to-know basis.

When you join and conclude your targeted purchasing decisions with us,
we  could possibly distribute our net profits from those purchases as follows:

30% to you.

30% to your designated church or non profit organization.

30% to The Kingdom Procurement and Purchasing Power Center.


10% into our universal investment account to permanently provide "Resources For All."

Funds distribution will follow guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service

of the United States of America and other international regulatory agencies.

 It is Free, as in Free, to join us! 

Please give serious consideration to the membership category  that you wish to enroll.  We do not discriminate!

Once you self-proclaim which role you will play  in our new global economy, that is how we will relate to you.
Furthermore, you  are invited to acquire coveted products and services 
on an a la carte basis.

Now, for a discourse in economics.

When you buy products in a store or retail establishment, they are usually marked up 2-4 times

what the manufacturer sold it for.

Traditional middlemen mark up the cost of the products for their share for the transporting,
handling, and selling 
of the product.

The Kingdom  Procurement and Purchasing Power Center (our Crow's Nest, Command, and Control Center)

cuts out the traditional middlemen altogether and ship the products directly to you and in most cases,

save you up to 60%. Moreover, these products are the identical brand that you are purchasing anyway. 

Beloved, this is NOT Biotechnology! "Hello!"


I offer a "snippet" of what the Lord Jesus Christ has provided:


Effective immediately, I offer an ADVENT special!

For any Church or Nonprofit Organization (terms apply), I will subsidize the monthly

cost to acquire the A T & T Directv business for 50% discount off. This applies

to any Church or Nonprofit Organization in the 50 States of the USA.

Also, we are authorized to sell mobility products from most of the mobile carriers.

I plan to empower qualified college students the ability to become sub agents and

earn income to pay for their education and start their own business (Can you believe,

I require a 3.00 GPA  (B) ; and NO Felonies!

I will provide online training, mentoring, and discounted corporate apparel and
sales tools, equipment, etc. 

I believe that this will also contribute to the reduction of crime and other
persistent  issues in our communities.

Also, inquire about our:

1.  C.H.O.I.C.E.S Association - Collegians Helping Others In Empowering Society.

2. The Association For The Empowerment of Women -

3.  100 Millionaires LLC -

3.  I-AM-University ( No Student Loans Required).

4.  I-AM Master Classes (Earn While You Learn).

5.  I AM Communities (Secure, Spiritual, Living, “Wall-Street” Communities).

6. The Empower Us All Foundation, Inc.

    dba Empower Us All Ministries (Our Own Nonprofit Organization).

P.S. I will immediately authorize and equip the church or

        non-profit organization - sponsored entity to become

        microcosms of our:

“ Kingdom Procurement and Purchasing Power Center”

The CHURCH and/or non profit organization sponsored will become 

more fully-capable to serve and support the Member Partners of their


                      - AN ALL YOU CAN EAT ECONOMIC FEAST (Buffet)-

You will now have a hard-wired economic system to replace the 400+ year old one!

Bon Ap Pe’ Tit !

Now, why wouldn't you join us and purchase from...YOURSELF, represented by...

The Covenant Partners Network, LLC

The Empower Us All Foundation Inc.
Empower Us All Ministries

dba ,

The Kingdom Procurement and Purchasing Power Center provide resources for all and for the purposes of the kingdom of God?


Praise the Lord! We have launched! The 'wheels are up'!

"There is a new "sheriff" in the marketplace!"

The Empower Us All Economic and Entrepreneurial  Empowerment Association

We are the new middlemen in the global economy.
 Will you become a "deputy" and 
Member Partner? 

Join us today!

Decide if you will enroll and  self-proclaim as one of the following categories:

  • Consumer- One Star Member Partner (FREE TO JOIN).
  • Consumer- Two Star Member Partner (FREE TO JOIN).
  • Entrepreneur - Member Partner (FREE TO JOIN).


  • Church (FREE TO JOIN).
  • Nonprofit organization (FREE TO JOIN).
  • Small Business (FREE TO JOIN).
  • Manufacturer (FREE TO JOIN).
  • Authorized Vendor Partner (FREE TO JOIN).

Membership Benefits are listed under the "MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS" tab at the top of  this web page.

God has called us and placed us in an honored position. Our orders are to prepare ourselves and the rest of the world for the greatest event of all time: the second coming of Jesus Christ. We must be advised that every generation has been created by God for His purpose and His purpose alone. Our generation is no exception. We will be held accountable.

Our Mission Statement: “To Leverage Our Buying Power To Provide Resources For All.”

Our goal is to support the Great Commission and assist in kingdom-building by equipping the church and nonprofit organizations, including the individuals, families, businesses, and communities they serve. We provide custom-designed fundraising, as well as economic and entrepreneurial empowerment models, plans, products, programs, and systems for our Member Partners.

In addition, we aggressively seek to assist in the creation and maintenance of an economic base in a minimum of 100 inner city communities in the USA, and as we expand, in 100 targeted countries.

We are prepared to serve mankind, for the glory of God.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:44), we see the people of God coming together and forming a storehouse or a well of resources. This melting pot becomes a fountain of encouragement as those who are in need can draw strength and substance, as they continue in their press for righteousness, and their struggle to contend for the Faith.

We live in a wonderfully created world. However, because of man’s inhumanity to man, it has been seriously wounded and needs to be healed. God has chosen us to be His instruments who will bring healing to all those who would trust Him.

By being consistently obedient to God, He has revealed to us that the time has come to extend the church beyond its traditional boundaries. We must become more directly involved with the unique problems facing those who are on the front lines for Jesus Christ. We have been blessed with a plan that will spark a renewed interest and draw those who we intend to win for Jesus Christ closer to the church.

By utilizing a unique fundraising model, we are able to finance our objective like never before! Because of your vision and track record, you are invited to partner with us as we install our plan: a holistic approach to easing the suffering of our fellow man and provide economic and entrepreneurial empowerment for the kingdom.

We look forward to your acceptance of our invitation to become a Member Partner (as a Consumer-One Star, Consumer-Two Star, Entrepreneur, Church, Nonprofit organization, Small Business, Manufacturer, or Licensed Vendor Partner) as we show our brothers and sisters that it is not only God who loves them, but we do too. We are the generation whose time has come!

Please join under the  JOIN US tab at the top of this page.

Also, if you choose to become a Member Partner of one our "faith-based" associations and

desire to permanently formalize and agree to our relationship (not mandatory for

our secular Member Partners):

1. Click on the “Covenant” page (located under the "Covenant" tab, at the top of this page).

     Scroll down and READ the text completely. Will you abide by our Covenant?

      If "Yes" click on the link, download and print the form, enter your name, email address, sign, and upload
      the document to [email protected] for my signature.  I will sign the document and return it to you.

We can also send the documents electronically, to sign. Please let me know if you prefer this signature method. 


Presto! Voila! We now have a Covenant relationship!

Hallelujah! You are on your way to high-speed economic and entrepreneurial empowerment!


Decide upon  and self-proclaim your desired membership level. Click on the JOIN US tab at the top of the page; Scroll down and enter the requested information onto the form.

The I-Am-Chise (Better Than A Franchise)

Bundle-of-Business-Opportunities in-Your-InBox

(A Kit With No Missing Parts) - Entrepreneur Member Partner Version

To Purchase:

GO TO: the Web Store Page  tab of this home page.

For information on the:

The I-Am-Chise (Better Than A Franchise)

Bundle-of-Business-Opportunities in-Your-InBox

(A Kit With No Missing Parts) - Entrepreneur Member Partner Version

To Purchase:

GO TO: the Web Store  tab  at the top of this page.

For information on the:

The I-Am-Chise (Better Than A Franchise)

Bundle-of-Business-Opportunities in-Your-InBox

(A Kit With No Missing Parts) - Consumer Member Partner Version.
Even though the kit components are identical to the Entrepreneur
Member Partner version, the compensation and onboarding will differ.

Upon receipt of your Enrollment Form and/or product order, I will reply with electronic delivery of the appropriate digital  membership kit witin 24 hours.

HINT: Our memberships render a relevant and memorable gift. Order today
               for Same-Day-Digital-Delivery!

Finally, here is a link that provides a synopsis of the "Master's Plan" - Kingdom Version

Click on this link:

My prayer for you: Become a Member Partner, cease to being a prey of the traditional middleman. Amen.

Humbly, faithfully, and in His service,

I am,

Brother Ben of Atlanta

-Bennie Wiley-

​Ordained Disciple of Jesus the Christ, Seeker of God for Mankind, Servant, Publisher,

Author, ​Philanthropist, Creation and Redistribution-of-Wealth Strategist, Managing Partner.
Covenant Partners Network, LLC, Brother, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.​

The United States of America

Empower Us All USA Business:  404-446-9574

Empower Us All Appointment Scheduler:  htpps://

NOTE:  I invest time to speak with Member Partners only.  All others must
                  communicate with me via email and/or text message. Thank you 
                  for your understanding.


1. We are actively recruiting the "Best-Of-The-Best." If you are interested in becoming a

     City Manager, Country Manager, and/or Member Partner Founder, in the investiture of

     our global management infrastructure or partnership in:

     The One Hundred Millionaires Economic Empowerment Association

     please  let me know STAT!

2. We are proving, perfecting , and focusing our business model in the United States of America and Canada;

     and subsequently expanding into other countries. Certain benefits might not be currently available.

     If you reside outside the United States of America or Canada, I encourage you to enroll. now. We are on our way!

     You will be accepted as a Member Partner Founder in your respective country.

Drum Roll, please,,,,,!

I am grateful to the Holy Spirit for enabling me to announce the launch of numerous "Country-Specific" - Economic and Entrepreneurial Empowerment Associations. The list of these "Country-Specific" Associations, is being populated daily. Currently, we are enrolling Member Partners of the Diaspora from the following countries and continents:

Africa, Serbia, South Korea, Poland, Italy, Japan, The United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, Vietnam, Ghana, Kenya, Haiti, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, China, Ireland, India, Hungary, Guatemala, Albania, Argentina, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, and Spain.

If your country or continent is not currently listed, contact us at:

Please review the following "Diaspora Marketing Plan" document template.

The "Diaspora Marketing Plan" for your country or continent will be

replicated from this template.

           Diaspora Marketing Plan :

We embrace and empower the whole of human life: physical; spiritual; mental; emotional; social and cultural;

economic and political; scientific and technological; church; individual; non profit; and corporate...with a

"High-Speed" urgency to fulfill and focus on ALL of our financial needs.

Covenant Partners Network, LLC - Operating Divisions

Resources For All